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A Christmas Puppy that won't arrive till Spring?

How many of you have thought of gifting your children a puppy for Christmas, only the puppy you want isn't even born yet? I mean, you've done the research, checked out multiple reputable breeders, and the one you want to work with doesn't have any Christmas puppies available - what do you do? Should you settle for another breeder? Should you modify your search for the perfect puppy and settle on a different breed? Not at all! Instead, you can use this as a learning experience and a time to help your children learn how to handle and train their new puppy when he or she is finally ready to join your family.

A great idea for springing the Christmas surprise is to wrap up several gifts or a gift basket containing a collar, leash, puppy toys, puppy treats, etc, and maybe even a picture of the ultrasound your breeder hopefully made available. Include a letter letting your children know that you are so proud of them and how well behaved they have been during the past year, and as a reward, they will be receiving a puppy soon to love on, play with, and more importantly, help train.

A great resource for training, which is one of our favorite resources of all, is Baxter & Bella's Online Puppy School. Their lifetime membership is useful for preparing for your puppy to arrive, even months before the anticipated go-home date. As a Baxter & Bella partner, we can help you save 25% on the lifetime membership, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Let us help you prepare for your next puppy by helping you to get started with B&B. You'll be so glad you did!

*be sure and use our discount code KNOX to receive the 25% discount!

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